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Introduction to the course, definitions. characteristics of data and Collection of data. Sampling ( Types of sample, Methods of sample), Essentials for research design ( Types of research study. Components of research protocol), Tabular and graphical Presentation of data (Frequency distribution tables. Contingency tables, Bar-chart, Histogram, Frequency polygon and pie-chart),Mathematical presentation of data: Measures of central tendency :Mean, Median, Mode; Measures of variation: Range, Standard deviation. Standard of error, CO- variance. Normal distribution Curve, Hypotheses Formulation, Tests of Hypotheses and significance (Parametric tests): Z test, "t" tests. Correlation test r-test. Analysis of variance F- test, Chi- square test. Non- Parametric tests, systematic reviews and evidence based dentistry.

About Beirut Arab University

Beirut, the Lebanese metropolis, birthplace of the alphabets, and a meeting point of civilizations, enjoys a special geographic location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This location distinguishes the city from a cultural, economical, commercial and academical perspective; hence it is the chosen centre for various institutions, including universities which are of necessity the best projection of the city's distinctive historical background.

We_They (BAU), located in the heart of the beating city of Beirut, is a centre of culture and enlightenment. 

BAU is a Lebanese private institution for higher education, founded by the Lebanese El-Bir and Ihsan society. 

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