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    BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO JAPANESE PRONUNCIATION is designed to help you become familiar with Japanese sounds and develop a solid foundation in Japanese pronunciation. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to pronounce Japanese sounds and syllables as well as how to order food in Japanese, all of which can be completed in JUST AN HOUR. This course is useful not only for those of you who are interested in the language but also those who love Japanese cuisines and/or music. At the end of the course, you will receive some tips on how to improve your Japanese pronunciation. There is no prior knowledge of Japanese required to take this course - HAVE SOME FUN WITH A NEW LANGUAGE!


    Although it is short, this course aims to provide students with a real language learning experience. You will probably learn fewer words and expressions than many other courses that rely on memorization and direct translation. However, this course ensures that you will know exactly WHEN and HOW to use the expressions you are going to learn. For example, in many courses you only learn "arigatoo" and "arigatoo gozaimasu" as Japanese "thank you," but these are not the "thank you" we native speakers use when waiters/waitresses bring us food in a restaurant. WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE EXPRESSION, then? We use a different "thank you" when we leave the restaurant, too. WHY IS THAT? This course answers these questions with very clear, simple explanations and helps you master the usages of practical Japanese expressions, which will give you a good start for learning the language.


      ·12 videos

      ·5 audio files

      ·3 handouts

      ·2 quizzes

      ·1 model dialogue for ordering at a restaurant


      ·Syllables of Japanese

      ·Pronouncing Japanese Sounds

      ·Ordering Food in Japanese

      ·Tips to Improve Your Japanese Pronunciation

    Updated on 05 January, 2015
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