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Before diving in and applying massage techniques, you are first taken through the history of the practice, introduced to influential people in the field of baby massage, and exposed to current thinking and research findings. Later in the course, you will also be provided with specific case studies that outline the importance of massage and the difference it can make.

It is widely recognised that immediately after birth, mothers and babies should have skin to skin contact, giving reassurance to both mother and baby. Bonding, mutual attachment and touch is an incredibly important part of the parent-child relationship and should continue from the moment of birth onwards. The Baby Massage Diploma Course explains each of these areas and how baby massage can help, along with the techniques other cultures use to promote the bonding between parent and child.

In addition to helping babies and parents to bond, there are plenty of other benefits to baby massage, such as aiding relaxation (for both the parent and the child) and sleep, providing a way for others to bond with the baby, and building confidence in handling the baby. There are also known health benefits, which, along with the aforementioned, are detailed in the course.

Along with teaching you massage techniques, the Baby Massage Diploma Course provides information on baby growth, development, behaviours, and reflexes. This additional study provides a more rounded knowledge of infant development, emotions, and physiology.

To ensure the comfort, safety, and happiness of the baby it is important to prepare for the massage. You will be guided through the steps to take before each baby massage given. From here you will be taken through giving a baby massage, including what to be aware of, tips for a pleasant massage, the strokes and sequences for each area of the body, additional techniques and knowing when not to provide a massage. In addition to explaining each stroke and sequence, the course is also packed with 11 videos demonstrating basic and advanced techniques:

  • Arm Massage Technique
  • Chest Massage Technique
  • Abdomen Massage Technique
  • Leg, Feet and Toes Massage Technique
  • Advanced Arm Massage
  • Advanced Face Massage
  • Advanced Back Massage
  • Advanced Leg Massage
  • Advanced Chest Massage
  • Advanced Scalp Massage
  • Advanced Abdominal Massage
Baby massage is an excellent therapy to provide to infants with additional or special needs. In addition to enriching the bond between parent and child, it can also provide physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits. The course walks you through these benefits, along with information on massage for growing children and runs you through a massage routine that involves all the family.The use of oils improves the application of massage techniques but before using them on an infant, it is important to know the dos and don'ts. You will learn which oils are appropriate for this form of massage, what to avoid, and important information on using essential oils. Although you may be interested in taking the course to provide massage to your own child or for the children in your care, you will also learn how to go about setting up a business in this area. This includes information such as how to write a business plan, market your business, the legalities of running a business and how to run workshops or training sessions.


  • Module 1 - The History of Baby Massage
  • Module 2 - Bonding, Attachment and Touch
  • Module 3 - The Benefits of Baby Massage
  • Module 4 - Baby Anatomy, Growth and Developmental Milestones
  • Module 5 - Behaviours, Cues and Reflexes
  • Module 6 - Baby Massage Preparation and Introductory Techniques
  • Module 7 - Baby Massage Strokes
  • Module 8 - Massage Oils and Case Studies
  • Module 9 - Bonus Baby Massage Videos
  • Module 10 - Additional or Special Needs and Techniques for the Growing Child
Updated on 27 January, 2019

Job roles this course is suitable for:

massage therapist , Therapy

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