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In this course we will cover the most common tools used in Autodesk Inventor. At the end of this course students will have the skills needed to create almost anything and the foundation needed to continue to expand their skills.

This course is fast-paced. Each video may cover several topics and each builds on the other. Files are available to catch up but students are highly encouraged to work the examples live with the video. 

We will begin with the basic parts to become familiar with the interface and then will build a full machine that can move and be tested as would be done in the real world.

Skills Students Will Have

  1. Using Inventor interface
  2. Creating parts using extrusion, revolution, sweep, cut, and manipulating planes
  3. Create an mechanical assembly
  4. Apply Materials to parts
  5. Render finished design
  6. Download parts from online resources
  7. Created shareable CAD Files
  8. Create drawings that can be used to build a prototype
Updated on 29 May, 2016
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