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    This course has been designed to help anyone who would like to better understand Autism and how to cope with an Autism diagnosis.

    As a parent of a now 19 year old Autistic son, Randa has been through every high and low of the Autism journey.

    When your child has received an Autism diagnosis, it can be a confusing, emotional and challenging time - sometimes you just don't know where to start.

    Randa has produced this particular course to primarily support parents who have children on the Autism spectrum, or suspect their child may have Autism, to help guide you through the journey.

    It is an all-round awareness program that will provide valuable and critical insights to teachers, parents, peers and the public about dealing with Autism.

    You will learn how to:

    • Better define Autism
    • Explain what the Autism spectrum is
    • Understand the benefits of an early autism diagnosis
    • List some of the common signs of Autism
    • Gain some idea of what it is actually like to have Autism
    • Know what to do when your child has been diagnosed with Autism
    • Know what NOT to do when your child has been diagnosed with Autism
    • Have some idea of what to say and what not to say to parents who's child has been diagnosed with Autism
    • Explore the emotional stages that a parent may go through when their child has been diagnosed with Autism
    • Understand how to increase social inclusion for children with Autism
    • Understand the psychological well-being needs of a child with Autism
    Updated on 02 January, 2018
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