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  • Analyzing data in Excel 2007
  • Excel 2007 offers powerful data analysis tools that allow you to explore large amounts of data and make informed business decisions based on that data. With reports of dynamic table, you can interactively summarize data, which facilitates the analysis and presentation of results. Dynamic graph reports provide a graphical view of the data contained in the reports of dynamic table. Tools Goal Seek and Solver can retrieve required results from formulas by determining the data the formula requires. Also © n can use two other components analysis and if, data tables and scenarios to see how changes in the formulas to results © stas and models predict results cá¡lculo sheet, respectively. In this course advanced data analysis features, such as dynamic table reports and dynamic report, Goal Seek, Solver, scenarios, data tables and OLAP are discussed.
  • Create a dynamic report table
  • Reorganize data in a dynamic table
  • Customize dynamic table reports
  • Modify the appearance of a dynamic report table
  • Create a dynamic graph report
  • Modify a dynamic graph report
  • Perform calculations in dynamic table reports
  • Recognize when to use each type of cá¡lculo
  • Create a dynamic report table
  • Customize a dynamic report table
  • Change summary of a report from dynamic table
  • Create a formula,dynamic graph
  • Search using objective data for analysis
  • Solver used for data analysis
  • Create scenarios for analysis 
  • Use the Scenario Manager to modify settings
  • Create a table of variable data for data analysis
  • Create a table of data from two variables for data analysis
  • Provide values in a series
  • Perform advanced functions
  • Join the advanced functions usage samples
  • Consolidate data from different books using a summary function
  • Use Goal Seek
  • Solver used for analysis and if
  • Create a table of data for analysis and if
  • Using advanced functions and consolidate data

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