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The most crucial step up in management is often the first step to management itself. An Introduction to Management will help you learn how to get things done efficiently by involving and inspiring teamwork to achieve company goals, through the effective use of resources.

This course is participative and highly practical, relevant and developmental, using a wide range of training and learning methods, including:

  • pre-course work
  • case studies
  • role plays
  • psychometric questionnaires
  • some tutor input about management theories and practices
  • personal development plans.

Participants are given the opportunity to share their own experiences and ideas, and those of others, to enhance learning.

Run as it features here, or run in-house where the content can be tailored to suit your organisational needs; cost effective if a number of people require training

Who is it for

An Introduction to Management is perfect if you're a first-time manager, or a recently appointed manager, looking to become fully effective in your new role. It is also beneficial if you're an experienced manager seeking additional training, or a refresher course.


You'll come away with a better understanding of the role of the manager and the responsibilities this carries; understand your own approach to working with others and how this affects outcomes. The interactive action planning, case studies and role-plays will boost your own ability to maximise performance, through setting, planning and monitoring performance objectives; thus illustrating key principles of motivating people and teams.

You'll return to work with a heightened sense of leadership styles, along with your own personal preferred style. You'll become more familiar with a range of effective communication methods, and delegate with confidence. You'll be able to identify, develop, and properly engage teamwork; recognise key strengths of individual team members; and set the best possible example to inspire others


Day one

The manager's role

  • Managing the transition into management
  • The key responsibilities of any manager
  • The core competencies of managing people
  • How the manager's role has changed
  • Getting the right relationship with the team
  • 'Command and control' or 'facilitator /coach'
  • Management behaviours which inspire, motivate, engage people
  • What research shows are the characteristics of an effective manager

The management of time

  • Managing your own time
  • Recognising High Value Adding work and Low Value Adding Timestealers
  • Managing other people's time

The management process in action

  • Anticipating and thinking ahead
  • Agreeing key priorities and projects with stakeholders and colleague managers
  • Setting effective goals and involving the team in action planning
  • Balancing the day to day work and these extra projects / new work
  • Monitoring performance effectively
  • Giving supportive guidance and feedback
  • Reviewing performance against objectives and action plans, using Appraisal systems as appropriate.

Day two

Developing your management style

  • Communicating the message with clarity and style
  • Balancing the need for achieving the results, through involved, motivated colleagues
  • When and how to "push" people
  • When and how to "pull" people
  • Getting the balance right between "push" and "pull" in coaching, appraisals, meetings etc
  • Matching and adapting management style to the needs of each individual
  • The advantages of style flexibility and the dangers of using only 1 style
  • Recognising natural personal strengths and also "blind spots" and areas requiring improvement
  • My style personality profile

Delegation and Motivation

  • How effective delegation motivates people
  • Using delegation to improve team and individuals' productivity and morale
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Planning the task carefully, monitoring progress, providing regular, constructive feedback and guidance
  • "Courageous conversations" - working with the disengaged colleague, and with the star performer
  • Avoidable traps, practical tips for success
  • The principal benefits of delegation, including improved time management and improved attitudes to change

Day three

Managing people and performance

  • What motivates and what demotivates people
  • Creating and maintaining the right atmosphere
  • What research shows about effective motivation strategies, and when to use each approach
  • Managing difficult people and situations
  • Coaching for improved performance
  • The performance management process

Leading the way

  • What is leadership? How does it differ from management?
  • The personal power or charisma of a leader
  • How leaders communicate with vision, passion and impact
  • What do leaders actually do?
  • Getting the best out of each individual
  • Leadership and change - helping the team to forge ahead, especially in turbulent times
  • "Quiet leadership" - what the latest research shows us about successful modern leadership
  • Balancing the strengths and capabilities of each individual within the team
  • Leading the way in times of conflict and difficulty, confused priorities and moving goal posts
  • Recognise natural leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Leading by example - tips about positive behaviours and personal energy

Action Plans

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