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The Airways Aviation Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Integrated) offers you an outstanding, fully integrated airline training pathway. Our ATPL (Integrated) is the fastest way to earn your EASA ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence (f)ATPL – the licence you will need to fly as a First Officer for a commercial airline.

Our carefully structured syllabus, designed in consultation with the aviation industry, will take you from no aviation experience (ab initio) to an EASA licensed, airline-ready pilot. You will experience high quality, rigorous training at our academy in Coventry and our fair-weather base in Huesca, Spain, under the guidance of our dedicated and experienced team of trainers.


ATPL Theory (weeks 1-30)– Coventry, UK

The first part of your airline training begins in Coventry with the ATPL theory, or ground school, component of your training. ATPL theory is separated into three phases and provides you with essential knowledge and understanding in the following:

Phase I

  • aircraft general knowledge
  • air law
  • principals of flight
  • VFR communications
  • IFR communications

Phase II

  • flight planning
  • human performance
  • meteorology
  • general navigation

Phase III

  • instrumentation
  • mass and balance
  • aeroplane performance
  • radio navigation
  • operational procedures

Single Engine Foundation Flight Training (weeks 31-44)– Huesca, Spain

Once you have successfully completed the ATPL theory component of this course you will travel with your fellow students to our fair-weather flying base in Huesca, Spain (airfares to and from Spain, transfers and accommodation costs are covered in the course fee). Here you will complete 114.5 hours of single-engine flight training in our state-of-the-art Diamond DA40, over 13 weeks.

Commercial Pilot Licence + Instrument Rating (weeks 45-61) – Coventry, UK

Returning to Coventry, you will spend 17 weeks completing the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) component of your airline training. You will undertake a minimum of 82.5 hours flight training, comprising at least:

  • multi-engine flight time: 30 hours
  • FNPTII simulator training: 52.5 hours

MCC + JOC (weeks 62-64) – Coventry, UK

The final component of your airline training comprises advanced flight training with at least:

  • Generic Jet simulator: 40 hours
  • upset recovery training (UPRT): 3 x 40 minute flights

Upon completion of the above course components, you will have earned your EASA (f)ATPL. Pilots with an (f)ATPL are eligible to work as a First Officer in the commercial airline industry. You will need to accrue 1500 flying hours as a First Officer to achieve a full ATPL at which time you will be eligible to fly as a Captain.

About Airways Aviation Lebanon

Airways Aviation has an outstanding Aviation Foundation School located in the heart of the buzzing and cosmopolitan Beirut CBD. 

Our Aviation Theory School in Beirut provides you with a unique introduction to flying and a proven pathway to a career as a commercial airline pilot. Begin your pilot training close to home and get the confidence and peace of mind you need to commence full flight training at one of our academies in the UK or Australia.  

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