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    • Mission Vision and Objectives of an organization
    • SOWT analysis with in-depth study of all components
    • Comparing SOWT with other tools ( PEST)
    • Perception and the Sub-conscious level thinking
    • Values and beliefs
    • Types of strategies and their use
    • Preparing action plans for implementation of strategic plan
    • Implementing and monitoring strategic plans
    • The sub-conscious level thinking and its impact on human character
    • Beliefs and values
    • Vision and mission
    • Define yourself
    • Emotional Intelligence and its relation to strategic thinking
    • What is an organization?
    • Why strategic planning
    • Vision and Mission Statement
    • SOWT analysis and its comparison with other analysis tools
    • Practical work on SOWT analysis
    • How SOWT can help is setting strategies and goals
    • Types of strategies and their use
    • Strategy statement
    • Introduction to different strategic planning tools: Porter's Competitive Forces, Moore' Public Value Strategic Triangle, MacMillan's Matrix, and Kaplan's Balanced Scorecard
    • Setting strategic goals
    • Strategic objectives
    • Competitive and functional strategies
    • How should a strategic planning document look like?
    • Strategic action planning exercise
    • How should an action plan be for implementation of strategic plan
    • Monitoring strategic management
    • Using results for motivation of your team
    Updated on 07 March, 2018

    Eligibility / Requirements

    There are no eligibility requirements to attend this course.

    Job roles this course is suitable for:

    Managing Director , General Manager , Consultant

    About Convertas

    CONVERTAS is a reliable advisory firm, helping organizations develop their activities to align with their objectives adopting the best practices.
    Our trainings and workshops cover all areas of business including Management,Soft Skills and Human Resourses Management, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finance, Procurement  and Logistics, targeting organizations, managers and employees. Whether in-house or public, trainings are organized with the highest qualified trainers.
    Our methodology relies more on the use of audio-visual impact which is more effective than the lecture style. Presentations, videos and simulations methods have proven to be very effective for people to remember.
    Moreover, doing and teaching are the best vehicles for learning and remembering. This includes involving the trainee in the teaching process by interacting, through completing worksheets and inciting to explain and present what is acquired.

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