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In today’s business world Interviewing has been identified as THE critical management skill. It is the gateway to the organization, the top world companies spent a massive amount of time and effort to get this process right. Proven results have concluded that the “Old Style” interview is a failure. Published results show it’s less than 1.5% likely to be successful.

The new approach to interviewing is to use the behavioral approach – as recommended by psychologists. The approach once mastered will transform one's ability to interview effectively. Also featured in this advanced program will be explanations and demonstrations of psychometric tests and personality questionnaires. This technique – once mastered can be used for appraisal and disciplinary interviews. Interviewing techniques have advances so much in the last few years, no one who has not been trained since 2010 is probably not currently competent to interview.

Five highlights of this program:

  • Experience the new complete interview process
  • The course focuses specifically of the new advances in psychology and behavioral techniques
  • The program is very practical, one will gain the confidence and techniques to be effective as soon as you return to work
  • You will see the big advantages of using testing and experience one of the world’s top profilers yourself
  • The program is conducted so you have the opportunity to build on experience under the expert tutorage of a leading occupational psychologist


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the complexities of recruitment and selection in today’s modern environment
  • Understand and be able to implement the new recruitment and selection process
  • Identify and write recruitment criteria for use in advertising, short listing and constructing effective interview questions.
  • Demonstrate to others how the new process will save time and increase dramatically interviewing effectiveness.
  • Consider the concept of and know when to use testing, and personality questionnaires and when assessment centers are appropriate.
  • Be able to design and use the two step questioning technique which has numeric scoring.
  • Training Methodology
  • Very practical, interactive, course with a high level of delegate participation. All of the training will carried out in a relaxed supportive atmosphere. Participants will also have the opportunity to see testing materials and to do for themselves a high level personality questionnaire.

Organizational Impact

Recruitment is a critical management tool and nowadays requires a very high level of skill and ability, organizations sending delegates on this program can expect:

  • Maximise time, effort and costs and effectiveness of the recruitment procedure 
  • Utilize existing information to construct high quality interview questions that are scoreable
  • Use a new process that will reduce the possibility of litigation
  • Be able to use the new behavioural system as an effective tool to aid recruitment
  • Have up to date knowledge of the latest testing approaches and tools
  • Be able to know which personality profilers work and more importantly –those that don’t.

Personal Impact

  • Assess your own understanding and experience in recruitment and selection
  • The new stages in a successful recruitment
  • Get to practice the skills required during the interview process – many of which apply to development and succession planning
  • Develop personal action plans for improvement - particularly the balanced score method and the new behavioural questioning system
  • Carry out an interview using the technique gathered
  • Use techniques to discover when documents are falsified or when the candidate is not telling the truth.

Who Should Attend?

This program is specifically targeted for anyone who interviews or takes part in the interviewing process.

  • CEO’s and Directors
  • Department Heads
  • HR and Training personnel
  • Line managers

GLOMACS is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Training and Consultancy Company, established to cater to the ever increasing needs of people & their performance in the corporate world. Since its inception, GLOMACS has successfully delivered wide range of courses combining public and in-house training programmes benefiting thousands. With its immense choice of consultants GLMACS, successfully covers and delivers courses in 4 continents spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and is on the growth scale to add more international and strategic locations.

GLOMACS has an outstanding record for deliverance and has successfully delivered over 2,600 courses aiding professional development for over 700 clients and with more than over 28,000 professionals, by the courses it has provided.

Vision & Mission
GLMACS vision is to promote and enhance competency through practical programmes and events that reflect the latest thinking.

Whereas, their mission is to contribute to the region's advancement and transformation to a knowledge-based society through the provision of programmes of the highest caliber, which directly address the current needs and demands of both individuals and industry.

They take pride in their ability to respond quickly to market needs and provide them with quality learning programmes that are dynamic, leading edge and up to date.

Vision and mission are based on a set of values to which all GLOMACS Associates adhere:

  • Know our customers and strive to surpass their expectations.
  • Keep customer satisfaction as the only viable measure of success.
  • Be the innovators in our business, presenting new ideas in topic and format to our customers.
  • Lead the development of training and consultancy in the Middle East through technology transfer.
  • Bring vital expertise of the highest quality to develop the region’s skills and knowledge base.
  • Support our vibrant economy by creating links in the wider knowledge economy.
  • Maintain a work environment that enhances entrepreneurial spirit, work ethics and teamwork within GLOMACS
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