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Advanced protocol management, protocol and etiquette rules

Objectives :

• Give participants full knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of both etiquette and protocol.
• Provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills internationally recognized in dealing with VIPs, official guests and in various events, events and local and international forums.
• Simplify the concepts of etiquette and protocol and explore their organic relationship with individual daily behaviors.
• To clarify the relationship between the rules of etiquette and the international protocol and the principles and principles of Arab culture, customs, traditions and ethics.
• Provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to control the administrative process within the administrative work environments to achieve the respect, efficiency and effectiveness of the practice of ethical systems in the work environments.
• Provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in organizing meetings of discussion and negotiation, formal meetings and official and public ceremonies in accordance with the rules of etiquette and the international protocol.
• Provide the participants with the necessary skills in the field of social etiquette and development of their skills, to apply the etiquette in their social life and their daily dealings and to meet the different circumstances of the other party.
• To deepen the knowledge and skills development of participants in the practice and application of etiquette and protocol in the field of career

Training Content:

Protocol, etiquette and protocol
• Protocol rules
• Characteristics of the Protocol Officer and public or international relations
• Rules of acquaintance and handshake
• Official visits
• Official interviews
• Official banquets
• Table Arts
• Organization of conferences and meetings
• The customs and cultural values ​​of peoples
Attic work, the key to success
• Identify and understand business etiquette
• Make a good first impression
• Effective definition
• Understanding priority / priority in the workplace
• Remember names
• Business card protocol
• Verbal and nonverbal communication
•    body language
• Meetings
• Relationship management
• Etiquette phone, mobile phone and e-mail
• International Ethics
• Intercultural communication
• Professional dress
International Protocol
• The importance of the protocol in building relations with dignitaries and VIPs in the public and private sectors.
• Protocol in the world of multilateral organizations
• Protocol at social events
• Receiving line
• Invitations
• Diplomatic interaction
• Verbal diplomacy
• Sitting protocol protocol
• Local Protocol
Dealing with the media, implementing the protocol and practical tactics
• Dealing with the media
• Show elegance and self-confidence
• The best professional way to sit and walk
Positive body language
• What can be worn and what can not
• How to receive a certificate or award
• How to introduce yourself with elegance
• The best way to stand for a picture
• Ethics and international protocol in life situations
• International luncheon Updated on 09 May, 2019

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