Advanced Negotiation Skills Accord Worldwide
Price: AED 3,600
  • Locations: Dubai
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Timings 9:00am " 4:00pm

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    The design of a deal determines its faith. Even if you ensure your security and profitability, but you are not fair to the other party, down the way, the deal will end up to a conflict and you will lose at least in some aspects (maybe financial gain will be the only gain you will get from such a deal).

    This practical course in logistics will prepare you for an exciting career in Logistics. Improve your prospects of career advancement by using this program as a foundation for further studies in this fast growing field. This qualification offers a unique, affordable, cost-effective opportunity for learners.

    What will I learn?

    • Lead a winning negotiation assignment
    • Understand the practical and latest techniques in business negotiations
    • Ensure the security and profitability of your side
    • Conduct win-win negotiations
    • Minimize the loss in a critical negotiation

    Target Audience

    This program is appropriate for professionals at all levels who want to enhance their negotiation skills and work more productively with customers, colleagues, partners, vendors, and others. No prior training in negotiation is required.

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    About Accord Worldwide

    Accord Worldwide is an international development and training firm. We provide services with a passion to bring about change in the grass root level. We come from various cultural and geographical backgrounds to make a diverse team connected by a shared vision and mission.

    At Accord Worldwide, our core value is to reach out and bring forth an understanding with development and empowerment of the individual within the community level, within corporate teams, government entities, and public/private establishments. We believe that in developing the individual with the right skills, he/she is able to empower and differentiate and change the environment around, hence being an asset and core part of development of his niche community and the nation at a large. We believe in the importance of equipping the individuals with skills and knowledge that bridge the distance between infrastructure and information, shaping them into dynamic professionals in an increasingly competitive world, who in-turn make a positive impact on the environment (professional, personal or social) they associate with. We connect organizations and teams to be part of community development activities that contribute to the nation’s growth and development.

    With our training and BDS services, we offer an assessment based training, wherein we analyze the needs of the individual or organization before proposing a training package that is tailor made to the need that has been identified.

    • We believe in investing in the human capacity, to meet the training requirements of the corporate, organizations and communities by providing practical solutions in every phase of the organizational need that is identified during the training need analysis.
    • Our consultative approach to our clients’ business enables us to partner with them as a legitimate thinking partner, enabling us to create solutions that are centric to answering their business needs.
    • We are equipped with a team of highly skilled and experienced trainers who are internationally certified.
    • Our methodology and approach of training is beyond the normal class room training, wherein we engage the participant in active learning process, through vigorous participation and engagement. Each of our modules are incorporated with real world challenges, tools and processes that involve active ‘learning by doing’ methodology to support behavior change through highly interactive training.
    • The trainer is engaged along with the trainees in active participation to achieve the learning objectives together.
    • We look into training as a performance quality improvement process that can be measured and analyzed, post training, to understanding the effectiveness of the training programs for the individual or corporate.

    Accord Worldwide is registered in Afghanistan and Accord Management Consultants in Dubai, UAE. The firms are independent and cooperate under a cooperation agreement working for the same vision and mission.

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