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Program Overview
Successful managers rely on the competent application of a number of ; These include understanding the management process and their roles as mangers; Forecasting, planning and control; Strategic thinking and planning, and strategic management; Creative problem-solving and decision-making; strong interpersonal and business communication; time management, delegation, and effective meetings skills; choosing and developing employees; leadership and motivation; and managing the organization ; It is very resourceful to comprehend such management concepts and skills to become a successful manager and to meet organization objectives.
Benefits & Added Value
By attending this program participants will:
  • Understand the management process and components;
  • Identify the managerial responsibilities and goals
  • Recognize the differences between forecasting and  planning and control; Strategic thinking and planning
  • Use strategic thinking, planning, and strategic management successfully in the workplace
  • Make confident decisions and resolve problems.
  • Lead, motivate, and support members of their team in a way, which enables them to achieve optimum objectives.
  • Communicate positively with team members and colleagues.
  • Choose the right people for the right jobs and develop them
  • Manage, motivate, and support members of their team in a way, which enables them to achieve optimum objectives.
  • Use time properly, setting objectives, priorities for themselves and for their organizations.
  • Set appropriate objectives for themselves and for their team, which support those of the organization.
  • Take decisions, delegate work and coordinate teamwork in a manner, which utilizes team strengths to the fullest.
  • Use the organization culture to manage the spectrum and enhance performance.
Program Content
Module 1: Your Role as a Manager 
Module 2: Planning and Control
Module 3: Strategic Management     
Module 4: Creative Problem- Solving and Decision Making  
Module 5: Advanced Interpersonal and Business Communication Skills     
Module 6: Choosing and Developing Your Staff 
Module 7: Motivating and Leading Your Staff
Module 8: Time Management, Delegation, and Effective Meetings  
Module 9: Organization Culture:  Managing the Spectrum
  Updated on 22 January, 2018

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