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The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA™ certification demonstrates that you have the business acumen that the modern Executive Assistant role requires. Possession of the ACEA™ certification will elevate and differentiate you and your position in the organisation, by reaffirming that you have the key skillsets of the modern Executive Assistant. These include: project management, risk management & governance, leadership skills, negotiation & influencing skills, financial awareness and an understanding of how to effectively use your emotional intelligence (EI) to name but a ;

Uniquely delivered from an Executive led perspective, the ACEA programme focuses on delivering a fundamental conceptual understanding of business and organisations, as well as practical skills, including:
- Strategic Thinking
- Corporate Visions & Missions
- Understanding the linkages between Strategy, Projects & Operations
- Governing & Managing Projects,
- Communication Skills
- Emotional Intelligence
- Leadership skills including Influencing, Negotiation and Conflict Management
- Change Management and Problem Solving,
- Risk Management and Corporate Governance
- Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
- Understanding the role of Financial and Management Accounting,
- Developing Productivity and Time Management techniques,
and much more.

Over 1,000 Executive Assistants have now participated in this globally recognised and ground-breaking ACEATM programme which is delivered in both Public and In-House formats as requested all over the world.

How will I benefit from taking this course/what career paths will be open to me?
All Business Management Training Group (BMTG) Ltd training courses are accredited and approved by Qualifi, under the UK Regulatory;

In addition, Qualifi has approved BMTG as an Accredited Centre which reinforces our commitment to assuring the highest recognised Quality Standards in delivering and assessing Programmes;
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How will I be assessed?
There will be an exam on the afternoon of the last day of the course. The passing grade is 70% and comprises of the exam grade plus mandatory attendance on all 5 days and active participation.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?
You will receive Certification from BMTG /Qualifi, an internationally recognized accreditation body based in the UK Updated on 01 May, 2018

About Innoverto

Derived from the Latin words Innovatio and Verto, Innoverto is here to deliver an “innovative change” to what is currently offered in the market. Through an impressive and carefully selected range of training courses, event management options and marketing activities we offer complete, turn-key solutions to support your business.

As a boutique business, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and impeccable delivery, which has ensured a loyal partner and client base. This has been achieved through building relationships with like-minded individuals who are looking to create unique experiences that exceed expectations without blowing the budget or compromising on quality. Innoverto offers executive training, business training, employee development training and management training through partnerships with leading organizations worldwide.

Our vast network of expert trainers deliver high quality corporate trainings including certified courses in the UAE, Gulf region, Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Topic areas include: Management/Leadership, Operational Excellence, Finance/Investments, Business Process Management, Data Management, IT Architecture, Contracts and Tenders, Supply Chain, Procurement, Project and Change Management, Sales Skills, Marketing, Communication etc.

Through a collaboration with The New York Institute of Management we offer Online Certifications such as the Executive Mini MBA, Certificate in Marketing Management, Certificate in Sales Leadership etc.

Our trainings are offered as public courses or conducted in-house.

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