Adobe Indesign CC Al Majaz Star Computer Training Center

Course Outline

  1. Introducing the Workspace
  2. Getting to Know InDesign
  3. Setting up a Document and Working with Pages
  4. Working with Objects
  5. Flowing Text
  6. Editing Text
  7. Working with Typography
  8. Working with Color
  9. Working with Styles
  10. Importing and Modifying Graphics
  11. Creating Tables
  12. Working With Transparency
  13. Outputing and Exporting
  14. Creating Rich interactive documents

MCTC Training Institute

Affordable and Professional training institute is now giving you the opportunity to join our family. You can now expand your thoughts, improve your skills and be familiar to the real world. The success of ATI relays on your professional skills development. Our highly qualified trained and competent faculty makes you one of the unique candidates in this competitive environment.

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