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With videos filmed in Southern Italy and Veradero Cuba, follow Alina Kislenko MA,a world-trotting Canadian ADHDer and Psychotherapist,as she explains why ADHDers have trouble with focus and motivation andteaches you techniques that ACTUALLYwork to solve these issues! All content is highly research based, practical, often unusual,and always entertaining and to the point (we're allergic to boredom, right?). Alina believes that ADHD is a superpower andevolutionary traitand, like any superpower, it needs to be honedand harnessed to fully become a gift rather than a curse. This course offers a certificate of completion for those who get to the end of all 8 units!

Class Units:

  • Week 1 -WhyADHDers Have trouble with focus and motivation?
  • Week 2 - Filling up the Dopamine Tank
  • Week 3 - Finding Your Procrastination Origins
  • Week 4 - The 2-Part Break for Getting Started
  • Week 5-Fidgeting Productively& Audiobooks
  • Week 6 - Timing, Environment, & Rituals
  • Week 7 - How to Focus in Class or at Meetings
  • Week 8- Mindfulness &Brain Dumps
Updated on 11 March, 2020
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