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  • Duration / Course length: 5 Days
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    Course Overview

    This program will guide you to develop and implement "best practice" in your organization. You will ensure that your employment contracts and HR manuals meet your business needs, whilst attracting, retaining, engaging and motivating employees. In an increasingly competitive employment environment, when you want to attract and retain high performers, managing your employee relations and communications are increasingly critical tools that form part of your overall HR strategy. This five-day course will cover the key areas of HR policies

    and procedures so that you adopt best-practice to compete more effectively in the war to attract talent. You will learn how to improve employee engagement whilst developing trust and fairness for both parties in the employer-employee relationship.

    Topics Covered

    Day One:  Strategic Human Resources

    • Overview of the AHRI Model of Excellence
    • Developing global HR strategies to support organizational long and short term business goals and corporate values
    • Overview of Mc Kinsey 7S Value Based Management Model including identifying various stakeholders
    • Develop measurement systems to evaluate HR's contribution to the achievement of the organizations business goals and ensure HR is seen as a credible business partner
    • How HR can participate in the development and integration of an organizational culture, core values, ethical standards, philosophy on corporate social responsibility, and employer brand
    • Case Study

    Day Two:  Global Talent Management

    • Develop and evaluate global staffing strategies to support organizational business objectives in a culturally and contextually appropriate manner
    • The importance of Employer Brand in global Talent Management
    • Best practice trends towards international Assignments
    • Developing and writing HR Policies including International Assignment Policy
    • Case Study

    Day Three:  Compensation and Benefits

    • Development of global compensation strategies aligned to support the organization's business requirements whilst maintaining employee engagement
    • Compensation Strategies and programs for employees working in each country of operation, including those on long or short term assignments, including home country and local employment
    • Major factors affecting Employee Engagement
    • Best Practice Work Life Balance programs
    • Case Study

    Day Four:  Organizational Effectiveness

    • Organizational structures, programs and processes to effectively develop and engage a globally workforce aligned with the organization's business needs, culture, and values
    • Process and programs support and manage virtual or geographically dispersed teams
    • Performance Management processes that supports both global and local business objectives, and that are culturally appropriate
    • Global organizational programs and practices( succession, career development and leadership development)
    • Develop and write HR Policies including Talent Management Policy and Retention Policy
    • Case Study

    Day Five:  Workforce Relations and Risk Management

    • The importance of ensuring all employee and labour relations are compliant with applicable local employment laws, privacy laws, and security laws, anti discrimination and Health and Safety laws
    • Workforce relations and managing relationships with employee representative groups (unions) as appropriate and applicable
    • Processes and practices that promote a positive workplace culture( employee recognition programs, constructive discipline and non monetary rewards)
    • Coordination of global risk management, emergency response, and security
    • Develop and write HR policies including Grievance, Code of Conduct and harassment Policies

    Course Benefits

    Successful completion of this course makes you a CHRM™ Certified Human Resources Manager. You can use the designation CHRM™ on your business card and resume. Up to 18 months membership to the IABFM professional body Access to the IABFM network and body of information online.

    Preferred access to education centers in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. 

    Access to the IABFM journal published online Gold Embossed Certificate with your name and designation as MIABFM (Member of the International Academy of Business and Financial Management)

    About LEORON Professional Development Institute

    LEORON Professional Development Institute is the leading corporate training company in the emerging markets of Europe, Africa, and Asia. LEORON has grown into one of the most comprehensive training institutes in the EMEA region, offering training solutions in all strategic corporate functions including corporate finance, HR, SCM, operations, sales and marketing, and engineering. With offices in Sweden, Dubai, Riyadh, Skopje, Accra, and Almaty, we run over 500 courses and train over 10000 professionals annually across the EMEA region.
    As a leading Competency Based Training Institute, our commitment is to help increase Competitiveness of our clients by strengthening the skills, competencies, and abilities of their employees, assist with the Capacity Building programs and assure continuous Competency upgrade by providing them with knowledge, practical tools and learning systems that are unmatched in the market.
    LEORON Professional Development Institute mission is to help corporate clients and government entities worldwide in strengthening the overall competency of their employees by providing them with top quality professional training programs, conducted by unrivaled global experts and implemented by the best training managers in the industry.

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