LEORON Professional Development Institute Financial Modelling Master – Advanced Diploma in Financial Modelling using Excel and VBA LEORON Professional Development Institute
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  • Duration / Course length: 5 Days
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    Course Overview
    The ability to create and understand financial models is one of the most valued skills in business and finance today. Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros programming has been the dominant vehicle used by finance and corporate professionals in the preparation and utilization of the full range of financial models and other ;However, as a result of the so called '95/5' rule it can be concluded that 95% of Excel users probably only use a mere 5% of the program's ;Most users know that they could be getting more out of Excel especially by using VBA which would result in them being able to build more flexible, dynamic and professional models.
    Unfortunately, this aspect of Excel and VBA often appears to be complex and ;This intensive 5 day workshop starts with basics and progresses in a logical step by step manner to the more complex and rewarding tools needed to build more robust models that save time, reduce unnecessary human errors and customize applications that cumbersome explanations and endless technical background. Delegates will need some basic knowledge of Excel but not of professional modelling or programming.
    Target Audience
    • The 40 Excel functions that financial modellers use the most
    • Best practice in modelling forecasted financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement)
    • The powerful combination of arrays, the offset function, the match function and drop down menus 
    • The danger of using IRR in isolation and possible solutions
    • Modelling and automating ratio analysis in Excel
    • Various Optimization solutions using Excel Solver (cash and inventory management, capacity planning and capital budgeting)
    • Pivot Tables and OLAP tables.
    • From the basics of VBA to building a loan amortization table using a VBA macro
    • Coding a User Form in VBA to update your database automatically.
    Target Audience
    • Directors & Senior Managers
    • Financial Controllers & Managers
    • Financial, Business & Investment Analysts
    • Strategic, Business & Financial Planners
    • Risk & Treasury Professionals
    • Accountants
    • Middle Office Staff
    • Commercial Managers
    • Commercial Bankers
    • Portfolio Managers
    • Model Auditors
    • Company Controllers
    • Insolvency Professionals
    • Corporate Valuation Specialists
    • Project Finance Professionals
    • Economists & Quants
    • Transaction Advisers
    • Business Development Managers
    • Marketing Managers
    Course Benefits
    • Become a proud holder of the FMM title displayed on your Diploma, business card and resume
    • Demonstrate you have completed the Advanced
    • Diploma level program and passed successfully all FMM requirements.
    • Get unlimited access to FMM Online community platform along with thousands of fellow FMM's of similar professional background.
    • Receive regular Industry updates, Expert opinions, Job postings, Free Industry technology.
    • VIP invitations to FMM professional community organized Conferences, Gala Dinners and Luncheons at different locations worldwide.

    How will I be assessed?
    FFM™ Examination on the final day of the training

    Entry Requirements
    Delegates must meet the following criteria to be eligible to become FFM™:
    • Attendance - delegates must attend all sessions of the course. Delegates who miss more than two hours of the course sessions will not be eligible to sit the course exam
    • Delegate should be active during course workshops, as
      well as be interactive on financial concepts and financial
      modelling techniques.
    • Successful completion of the progressive financial model
      during the course sessions.
    Updated on 25 January, 2023

    Job roles this course is suitable for:

    Financial Analysts , Chief Financial Officers , Portfolio managers , Corporate accountants , Credit analysts , Private equity managers , Actuarist , Venture capitalists , Corporate finance analysts , Risk managers

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