IU International University of Applied Sciences M.A. Marketing Management IU International University of Applied Sciences
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  • Duration / Course length: 12 To 24 Months

Course details

Credit Points: 60 or 120 ECTS
Marketing is a great career path with diverse opportunities. With the IU Master of Arts in Marketing Management, you'll gain an overview of the field and dive deeper into key areas. Modules in consumer behaviour, marketing research, social media marketing and more will transform your skills. A mix of theory and practical knowledge will sharpen your management expertise. You'll learn to analyse marketing spend, use digital analytics, strengthen online presence, and fine tune search engine marketing. Start or boost your career in an industry that's in demand across the globe.
Managers in Marketing and Sales are faced with an increasingly complex and dynamic range of tasks. The IU Master of Marketing Management sets you up for a great career that could take you into companies large or small, worldwide. Whether you want to head into a more sales-related position or enter the creative world of branding, marketing has something for everyone. With IU, you not only choose if you want to take a degree worth 60 or 120 ECTS credits, you can also choose specialist electives that suit the topics you're interested in. Updated on 28 August, 2023

Eligibility / Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • Completed undergraduate study from a public or officially recognized university/higher education institution (240 ECTS).
  • Final grade of at least ""Satisfactory"" or grade C (as commonly used in the and Canada).
If you are lacking ECTS credits from your previous studies, you can demonstrate professional work experience for your online degree instead:
  • To start a 60-ECTS MBA (One-Year MBA), you need a minimum of 210 ECTS from your previous studies and one year of work experience. You need to provide proof of an additional year of work experience until the end of your programme.

Work Experience:
  • At least one-year work experience before the start of the IU Master program (achieved after previous studies).
English Level:
  • Proof of English skills
  • If English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school/university, you do not have to prove your English skills

About IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences combines bachelor and master programmes on campus model with online, distance learning models. Most of our programmes are available completely digitally or on-site in Berlin or Bad Honnef, near Cologne. In this way, we can focus on welcoming international students and providing them with a comfortable way to study that suits their needs. Our courses are all taught in English and the contents are tailored to building careers in an international environment.
A more flexible way to study Designed with an innovative and digital approach, IU International provides accredited higher education programmes with ease and flexibility. When you join IU International, you have much more freedom to choose when, where, and how you study—no matter where in the world you come from. On campus our programmes are now available with two additional intakes, you can start in January, April, July or October. 

Whether you study online or on-campus, boost your chances to work in Europe - Get free German lessons while studying at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

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