Established in 1972

About The Bahrain Society of Engineers


The Bahrain Society of Engineers was established and officially incorporated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

To contribute towards the industrial development and modernization of Bahrain.

  • To enhance the standards of the engineering professional practice in cooperation with relevant authorities.
  • To express the interests and professional rights of its members.
  • To establish and promote good relationship and interaction among its members.
  • To establish and promote scientific and technical cooperation with engineers outside Bahrain.
  • To conduct and encourage scientific and engineering researches through publications, conferences, seminars, technical visits, technical competitions and exchange of information with other engineering societies and organizations.
  • To provide arbitrators and expert witnesses in matters related to engineering.
  • To promote training and professional development.
  • To maintain and promote the ethics of professional practice.

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