About Baisan Institute of Hospitality Management

theyhave always subscribes to the practice of taking initiative. theirdetermination to succeed in every venture theyhave undertaken has helped us evolve from a modest trading house to the multifaceted organization that theyare today.
theirbusiness history which began in the fifties, witnessed its most prominent growth during the early seventies, when theyexperienced the diverse challenges of transformation faced by the region. theircommitment to sustain theirbusiness viability enabled us to respond swiftly to opportunities offered by a fast - changing economic landscape.
The continuing exposure to dramatic changes that have taken place in the past has honed theirreadiness to endure the impact of globalization today.
theirexposure to this period of change expanded theirhorizons to successfully accommodate the ever - growing demands of an evolving business environment, even as theycontinued to strengthen theirtraditional areas of operations.
Today, theystand with pride beside those who have contributed in building a modern Bahrain. theydedicate theirsuccess to every individual who worked alongside us as a team, translating the challenges of a growing economy into opportunities of a better tomorrow.

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