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About American Cultural and Educational Center

All the instructors are native English speakers with recognized qualifications in English as a Second language (ESL) or a closely related field.
Learning English at ACEC is meaningful, effective, rewarding and fun! Great success is achieved when language is taught with an interactive communicative approach in a student-centered classroom. they believe it is critical for students to have opportunities to personalize language through conversational studies that allow them to use their knowledge and experiences as they express their unique ideas and opinions.
theirreceptionists and registrar are fluent in Arabic and English. The Principal and Head of Academics have many years of teaching and learning experience and are theyll equipped to deal with the courses provided by ACEC.
New Interchange and Passages are the books used for adults and Lets Go and Side by Side are used for young and senior learners. These textbooks are some of the most successful and popular, used around the world for English courses. The books use modern topics of high interest to teachers and students alike. Creative in content and enjoyable activities encourage students to correctly apply the language skills they learn.
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