Established in 1996

About AIT Centre

AIT Centre was established in 1996 providing training to both public and private sectors. their programmes are not taken "off the shelf" but are customised to address the specific issues at ytheir company. Moreover, these training programmes are designed to build on an individual's personal knowledge, skills and attitude in order to accommodate ytheir managers, supervisors and employees with training tools and techniques. 
AIT Centre's training programmes are tailor-made and competency based training ctheirses. Moreover, theyact as ytheir training centre bringing professional and versatile approach to meet ytheir company's training needs. 
theyfurnish ytheir organisation with skilled, knowledgeable and competent pools of training consultants, holders of degrees such as PHD, MBA, CIPS and CIPD from UK and USA with more than 20 years hands on experience who you can rely on for future success.

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