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Certified Skills International (CSI) is an Australian based and Australian Pty Ltd Company registered education consultants and offers online Australian Diploma Qualifications through National Training Australia for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, India, Fiji, China, Malaysia.

If you have and education or experience in Business Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management or Project Management you can now measure your skills and experience by completing your free self- assessment online before enrolling.  Upon completion of the free self-assessment, you will receive an email with your results, which indicates your skills, experience and possible gaps in each of the Course Units. This report gives you a very clear indication of what study and Units you will be required to undertake and what evidence you may already have of your skills.

Payment is only required upon enrolment to the course.

Once you have enrolled you are allocated and Australian Assessor who will guide you through the process and be available to you for support throughout the course.

Where you have skills and experience you can upload evidence directly from the course portal and some units of the course may be credited based on your evidence, no further study in that / those units will be required.  Where you have gaps, meaning you may not have the skills, experience or knowledge you will study that unit online and submit online directly to your Australian Trainer / Assessor.

Example – a person already working in Human Resource Management in a Country other than Australia will not have knowledge of Australian Legislation and therefore will be required to undertake and train in the units related to Legislation. They may have and provide evidence to support their knowledge in other Units of the Course.

There are no additional fees, the full Course cost is all inclusive.

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