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    Have you ever wanted to find an easy, understandable way to take your existing art skills and move into the digital art space?

    This is that course..With simply the ipad and the amazing app of Procreate the same organic feeling we get from drawing on pencil and paper is paired with the digital ease of being able to change on the fly for clients and designs.

    There are larger more complex courses out there....this one is about action in an afternoonIn this course your instructor Jesper Bram takes you through ONLY the tools you will need to get up and running immediately in procreate and start working with your client projects in the digital space .

    Included in the course you get:

    • 14 video lessons that can be accessed from every major mobile platform (computer, phone, ipad)
    • Lifetime access to all of the lessons
    • Jesper Brams exclusive tattoo brushes that mirror the liners and shaders you use in your craft
    • Access to both Jesper Bram from Lowbrow Academy and Jeremy Hazel from 7th season studios
    • Lifetime access to all future course updates

    With over 9000 students and a combined 40 years in the profession of professional art we are confident that we can take you from absolute novice, to getting you up and creating in an afternoon

    At the end of the course you will be able to

    • Create and edit images in Procreate
    • Confidently execute in the digital art medium
    • Select, resize, and manipulate layers within an image
    • Take a piece from sketch all the way to full color in front of your client

    Enough of us.lets hear from a few of our students from other courses

    This is the most involving class I have taken on Udemy!- David

    This Is a 5 star class! The content I'm 5 lessons in and i feel like i got my moneys worth already. great class! UPDATE: 1/3 of the way in. Just finished a portrait, and i know my way around the software. Course just keeps getting better and better. , because this course is straightforward, presented in a logical pattern where each lesson build upon the past.- Brian

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