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تفاصيل الدورة

Course outline
Arabic language courses for:
  1. ADULTS - LEVELS (03)
Level 1 (24 hrs)
Focus on speaking
Classic and local
  1. Numbers
  2. Abbreviations
  3. 15 topics
Level 2 (24 hrs)
Reading & Writing
  1. Alphabets
  2. Grammar
  3. Advanced conversation
Level 3 (30 hrs)
Advanced conversation with 3 cds in English and Arabic
  1. Focus on speaking in both languages
  2. Different and tailor made topics according to the job and industry related to the activities of the company, real Estate companies, hospital, bank and ;
Why learn Arabic?
Course emphasis is placed on the development of basic listening and speaking skills. At the end of the course learners should be able to communicate on a basic level with Arabic speakers in United Arab Emirates, the curriculum is designed to provide learning experiences based on real life situations.
Salient Features
  • Spoken oriented training program from beginner to advanced level qualified and highly interactive native language instructors to provide guidance and motivation
  • Course material in English and Arabic with supporting CDs to build in what you have learnt in your free time
  • A creative learning ambience and convenient schedules on weekdays and weekends
  • Private, semiprivate and group classes available
  • Certified Arabic language courses recognized worldwide
  • Courses using on speaking and listening skills
  • Highly qualified and experienced native language instructors
  • Multiple learning options to choose from group morning and evening courses available on weekdays and weekends
Class pattern:
  • Class room teaching
  • Communication games role played-debates
  • Using audio video resources to increase accuracy and fluency working with groups to develop communication skills
Course Material:
Course material will be provided to the students free of cost, we do have specially
Designed course material which includes the vocabulary set used in the normal work environment.
Introduction about Arabic
  • Self-introduction of students
  • Comparison of languages English & Arabic
  • Shapes and sound of Arabic alphabets
Arabic alphabet
  • D. Introduce Arabic alphabet
  • E. Introduce essential grammar and words.
  • F. Introduce words for everyday use, will use and practice about 20 words.
• Greeting people of different ages, position.
• The days of the week
• How to reply to the greetings in different situations
• More words and sentences for everyday use, will use and practice about 25 words
Making sentences & numbers
• Formation sentences with simple grammar.
• Introduce grammar - feminine , masculine
More essential grammar , expression , time and sentences used in day to day conversations
• Verbs, conjugation , expressions
• Make sentences and practice using the essential grammars.
• Learn and practice time.
(the participants will learn different forms of grammar and time and t heir correct usages in different situations)
More conversations
• Asking questions for the day to day needs.
• Answering questions in different situations
Making question and answer in Arabic simple communication).
• Further alphabet in Arabic,
• More words and sentences for everyday use, will use and practice about 25 words
• The everyday using adverbs.
• Different conversations using the adverbs in different sit auctions.
• Use more sentence using the grammar points and new words ,
• Learn and practice numbers - this will continue in the following classes till the participants learn how to use from 0 to any numbers.
• How to use the ( my , his , her ……..) in Arabic .
• How to ask people about what they have.
• More words and sentences for everyday use, will use and practices about 25 words
• How to use the adjectives in Arabic.
• Making sentences about everything around us.
• Taking the colors and how to use them. تحديث بتاريخ 06 January, 2021

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