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  • مدة الدورة التدريبية: 30 ساعة
  • مواعيد الدورة: استفسار

    تفاصيل الدورة

    1. TREASURY MANAGEMENT BASIC (Duration 2 days, Pre-Requisite-None)
    Treasury is the heart of every bank and being a part of treasury is a dream job for many serious bankers. This course provides the participants with a comprehensive understanding of managing treasury affairs and the financial instruments that can be traded. The structure, framework of treasury, cash management and as a bonus bond risk management are also discussed in this course. The course is most suitable for staffs interacting with treasury (branch and other operation staffs, Tellers etc)  on a day to day basis, newly employed treasury staff and for students looking forward for a career in Bank treasury.

    2. FOREX BASICS (Duration 2 days, Pre-requisite-None)
    Over Five trillion dollars of trading happens in forex market each day. Forex market is inarguably the largest segment in the financial markets. The course foreign exchange- basic  aims to offer the participants basic understanding of the FX market money markets and their respective frameworks and to familiarize the participants with the FX products and money market instruments. The course invites a wide range of audience including  Business banking RM’s, Corporate banking RM’s ,Tellers, Operation staff in business and corporate banking, Branch operation staff  and teller’s, wealth and private banking RM’s, Treasury staff and Students interested in gaining insight of the working of forex and money markets.
    3. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (Duration 2 days, Pre-requisite- Time value of money)
    This course requires a pre requisite Time value of money (Duration 3 days, Pre-requisites Time value of money)
    The course aims to enable the learners to understand
    • Investment Philosophies
    • Asset classes and Asset allocation 
    • Bonds and equities
    • Portfolio Risk & Return-Measurement and Management
    • Portfolio construction and Diversification-Optimal portfolio (Modern portfolio Theory)
    • Macro view & Tactical Portfolio shifts
    • Behavioral biases
    • Evaluating Portfolios-Sharpe, Treynor and Jensen’s alpha
     4. FIXED INCOME MARKETS AND SECURTIES(BONDS) (Duration 2 days, Pre-requsite- Time value of money)
    This course is designed to provide a solid grounding on how the Bond market works and helps to unravel the jargon of the business. The course covers the rationale for debt financing, the types of borrowers and the types of instruments available. It also focuses on bond pricing and yield curves.
    Learning objectives
    • Structure and workings of the International Primary Markets for Debt
    • How to structure the most appropriate financing for a particular borrower?
    • Hybrid securities and Securitization process
    • MBS, ABS and Eurobonds
    • Bond Mathematics
    • Bond Pricing – Yield and YTM
    • Bond Sensitivity analysis – Duration and Convexity
    •  Bond Yield Curves
    5. TIME VALUE OF MONEY (Duration 2 days, None)
    This course provides a hands-on introduction to basic financial calculations using the time value of money applications. Time value of money has applications in all areas of finance and banking. Participants will learn about time value of money and discounted cash-flow principles
    After the completion of this course, the learners would be able to understand
    • The time value of money 
    • Principles of time value of money
    Applications of time value of money in areas like investments, corporate finance etc تحديث بتاريخ 12 October, 2020


    Banking and financial services Staff/Aspirants with Higher secondary qualification,

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