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End to End Business Model & Supply Chain Excellence Program

Program objectives provides:

  • A comprehensive training guide to design and develop end-to-end business and supply chain models for organizations to better compete and be more successful.
  • Business leaders, professionals and students with information to gain a full understanding of supply chain management concepts, components, principles, processes, interactions, strategies, technology, global, key performance metrics and improvement methods for competitiveness.
  • Interaction among participants with sharing knowledge and assessments of best practices that have been proven effective in organizations of diverse sizes, types, and industries. Participants will be provided with checklists of what's needed to develop each process area.
  • Areas of information about supply chain that might be on accreditation or certification exams. Participants focus on taking an exam should discuss with course registration for recent up to date material for their exam.
Summary of Program: 

  • Module 1: Understanding & Defining: Models and True Demand
  • Module 2: Planning & Scheduling, Inventory and Costs to Serve
  • Module 3: Developing Relationships: Customers, Suppliers, Vendors and Partners
  • Module 4: The "IT" Network to Network Systems
  • Module 5: Risks, Standards & Regulations
  • Module 6: Measure, Analyze, and Improve


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Supply chain manager , Logistics officer

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As a progressive thought leader in the negotiation, mediation and business process and supply chain service space, Neutral Dynamics is comprised of an imaginative group of negotiators and problem solvers who are serious about getting our clients to a better position, whilst saving them significant amounts of time, stress, money and general dissatisfaction.

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