Professional Certificate in Franchise Management
السعر: 4,800,000 LBP

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    Franchising is today's one of the most significant and successful strategies for worldwide expansion of businesses. Its importance is growing exponentially year after year, with the daily birth and multiplication of franchise businesses, especially in Europe, emerging markets and the Middle East. One of the top attractive regions to international franchises, the Middle East is home for thousands of franchisable businesses which are quickly becoming considerable global players, and a powerful competition to leading prominent brands. "The Professional Certificate in Franchise Management (PCFM)" executive education program is a response to the increasing demand for Franchise professionals and executives in the Middle East. It is an outcome of years-long experience in international franchising brought by the founder, Dr. Bassem Nasri, who joins effort with his team of academicians and professionals from a range of backgrounds to deliver it.

    The program provides company owners, executives at the franchise and franchisable businesses, SMEs, business incubators, CSR & development programs, as well as financiers, consultants, academicians and postgraduate students with the knowledge and skills around this, latest business trend. Innovative and first of its kind in the Middle East, it will expand the reach of LAU-CEP to a new, untapped market segment through satisfying a fast-growing need at entrepreneurial and executive management levels in the

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