Quantity Surveying
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    تفاصيل الدورة

    Quantity Surveyor course is adding up a lot of value addition to the construction industry both by civil engineering professionals and other MEP department professionals. That’s the reason today many are looking for Quantity Surveying Course to learn and grow further. For people who are having site experience and for students who has interest in this Quantity surveying course will be learning the following concepts related to Quantity Surveying Department.

    Course Outline :
    - Estimation and Quantity Calculation
    - RATE ANALYSIS Steps for various items
    - What is RATE ANALYSIS
    - What is Tendering and How Tendering Process happens
    - How to choose a Suitable Contract
    - What is a Contract and Types of Contracts
    - Negotiation Techniques
    - Contracts Management
    - Other topics related to Quantity Surveyor’s job
    - Purchase orders & Work orders
    - What to do after attending Quantity Surveyor Course?
    - How to become a GOOD Quantity Surveyor

    Who can attend?
    • Anyone who has interest to join Construction field
    • Diploma Students
    • Site Engineers
    • Site Supervisors
    • Working Professionals
    • Any graduate from any field
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