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If you are looking for installing your own local and free of any charge SAP system for learning, then this is a great first step for you to get you to the "restricted area", such as SAP still is.

Whether you want to learn:

  • ABAP programming 
  • BW/BI
  • SAP system administration

.. and you don't have sufficient playground/sandbox system to practice all your gained knowledge, this is a great system SAP system for you.

Local and Free of Charge SAP System

This guide is designed specifically to provide you way for running your SAP system, which will require you to download and install ONLY open source or free of charge software that will not require from you any payment. You will use exclusively free software!

Most Current SAP System for Personal Use

In this detailed guide, you will be able install SAP Netweaver AS 7.50 SP02 system on your own local machine. This is one of the most current SAP development systems from 7.5x releases that SAP offers to public for personal use.

You will also get the most current SAP GUI 7.40 available to log in and work in the SAP system.

Designed to Avoid Troubleshooting During Installation Process

If you have tried to install SAP system by yourself sometimes in the past, you have probably experienced many troubleshooting issues that were caused by different setup of the OS on the machine where you were trying to install the system. Most probably, this took you hours, if not days, of googling to solve all the issues. 

In this guide you will be installing SAP system on totally new and unused, linux based virtual system. Steps in this guide will give you detailed way on how to avoid falling into such troubleshooting state. 

Using this guide, you will also be able to overcome issues with uninstallation issues, because whole server will be running directly on virtual machine and if you decide that you don't need this system anymore for any reason, you will simply delete the virtual machine from your machine and you are done. No huge and hidden files left in your machine and no uninstallation troubleshootings.

One last, but definitely not least advantage of using this installation approach is to provide you easy way to backup of whole SAP server and all the work that you will do there, such as:

  • ABAP developments
  • Administration settings 
  • built BW objects and processes

By choosing this installation approach, you definitely get many advantages along with having your own SAP system.

Hardware Requirements

Even though, there is no knowledge prerequisite for this training, there are definitely hardware requirements for installing your SAP system, which you need to make sure that you fulfill, otherwise this guide will helpful you to achieve your goal. 

Official SAP Requirements

  • x86_64 Processor based hardware
  • At least 4 GB RAM plus about 8 GB swap space
  • About 80 GB free disk space for server installation
  • About 2 GB free disk space for client installation


When you enroll to this training, you will also get:

  • access to support group to make your installation process as smooth as possible
  • instant updates to newly found installation issues during installation of SAP Netweaver AS 7.50 SP02 system. E.g. when:
    • SAP changes the process of getting licenses
    • new installation issues experienced by students
    • ..
  • access to newly added Q&A section to regularly asked and answered questions
  • 'Save Time' lectures in the training, that helps you speed up your installation process by avoiding waiting for some processes to be finished
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