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  • مدة الدورة التدريبية: 15 ساعة
  • مواعيد الدورة: استفسار

    تفاصيل الدورة

    • · Overview of IFRS 9 impairment requirements
    • · Approaches in calculating ECL (General vs Simplified approaches)
    • · Measurement of expected credit losses
    • · Lifetime expected credit losses
    • · 12-month expected credit losses
    • · Probability of default (PD) and loss rate approaches
    • · Expected life versus contractual period
    • · Probability-weighted outcome and multiple scenarios
    • · Time value of money and its implication on ECL
    • · Reasonable and supportable information (sources of information)
    • · Determining significant increases in credit risk (SICR)
    • · Factors or indicators of changes in credit risk
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    The Treasury Hub !

    Beacon Consulting are tailored Corporate Treasury consultancy and training service provider, we “Execlusivelly” Consulte, Train and Recruit for Corporate Treasury Function.
    Instructors/Consultanats are on a high level of professionalism and product manifestation where they are well trained to satisfy customers'​ needs throughout the course track as well as their extensive knowledge to retain customer base.

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