CPHQ Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality
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    This course is designed to help those who are planning to take the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) examination. The course will follow the CPHQ exam matrix and will help participants focus their study efforts. Throughout the course short videos, practice questions and focused learning exercises are offered that provide definitions and examples of concepts covered in the course modules. Participants should come to the workshop with functional knowledge in areas identified in the CPHQ exam outline, which may be obtained at .

    The Course will present information on healthcare quality methods, information management, strategy and leadership, change management and innovation, continuous readiness, and patient safety. Q-Solutions: Essential Resources for the Healthcare Quality Professional, Third Edition, is recommended for the ;


    Identify the alignment between a quality program and organizational systems.
    Explain confidentiality principles and the impact of health information management on quality.
    Recognize patient safety goals and priorities.
    Identify the quality professional's role in assisting with implementing patient safety activities.
    Understand accreditation, the value of accreditation, the accreditation process and examples of agencies offering accreditation.

    DAY 1
    Introduction to Healthcare Quality

    DAY 2
    Course Introduction & Examination Review
    Module One: Quality Leadership & Structure

    DAY 3
    Module Two: Information Management

    DAY 4
    Module Three: Performance Measurement & Process Improvement

    DAY 5
    Module Four: Healthcare Safety
    Module Five: Regulation, Accreditation and Continuous Readiness



    Any healthcare professional whose scope of work includes quality and safety.

     Quality Professionals
     Nursing Professionals
     Infection Prevention & Control Professionals
     Medical Technologists
     Executive Management Consultants
     Clinical and Quality Consultants


     Review and prepare for the CPHQ Examination by identifying test taking tips and recognizing examination resources to use following the course.
     Apply core quality improvement, assessment, control and assurance principles in health care quality practice
     Facilitate the assessment and development of the organization's culture to support strategic planning and linking performance/quality improvement activities with quality goals and objectives
     Apply process analysis tools, basic statistical techniques and methods for statistical process control useful in designing and constructing quality and performance improvement activities ( principles of qualitative and quantitative data collection).
     Facilitate assessment and ongoing development of the organization's patient safety culture and link patient safety activities with strategic goals and objectives.
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    The CPHQ course is designed to help healthcare professionals pass the CPHQ certification ; It covers all the essential topics of the CPHQ examination and helps you focus your studying to be well-prepared for the ;

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    General Medicine Consultant Physician , General Surgeon Consultant Physician , quality professionals , Registered Nurses , Infection Prevention Specialist , medical advisor , cphq

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