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    Get an internationally-recognised CIPD qualification 100% online with live online classrooms, a flexible schedule and unlimited 1:1 tutor support.

    The online CIPD Level 7 Advanced Certificate in Human Resources is a postgraduate-level qualification accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

    This 100% online human resources course is perfect if you're in an HR or L&D management role and want to formalise and extend your expertise, or if you're responsible for HR/L&D strategy and need the specialist skills to excel in your role.

    As this is a shorter course than the Level 7 Diploma, you'll have a choice of modules. You could learn how to manage employment relations, acquire the skills to investigate business issues from an HR perspective, or study talent development, reward management, organisational design or other specialities in depth.

    You'll gain a deep understanding of the environment and contexts within which HR and L&D practitioners, management and workers interact, and become familiar with current research on approaches to human resource management and development.

    Please note that where this course discusses legislation and policy, this will be based on UK law.

    Online CIPD Courses

    ICS Learn has been a trusted CIPD Approved Centre for over 30 years, so whatever your professional aspirations, they're here to help you achieve them. If the CIPD Advanced Certificate in HR isn't the right course for you, have a look at ICS Learn's other 100% online HR courses

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    This is an Advanced course, so you should have a good level of HR experience and be prepared to undertake postgraduate-level ;A prior degree-based educational background would be beneficial.

    :The Level 7 Advanced Certificate in Human Resources is ideal if you

    • Have the responsibility for HR decision-making within your organisation at an operational, tactical or strategic level
    • Are an HR professional in a team or in an HR functional management role, and are seeking to enhance and develop your career
    • Are responsible for HR activities within an organisation that doesn't have a specialist HR function
    • Are an independent or employed consultant who supports organisations in meeting their goals


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    ICS Learn is the world's most experienced distance learning organisation. We have been a pioneer in teaching skills and qualifications at a distance for over 125 years, giving you the opportunity to learn while earning and to fulfil your ambitions.

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    We work with a large number of professional bodies to provide qualifications that are respected and widely recognised, so what you learn with us matters when it comes to finding a job, improving your skills or getting a qualification. In fact, our qualifications are accredited by awarding bodies and higher education institutions, including CIPD, AAT, ILM, CIPS and NCFE - to name only a few.

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