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    Course Overview

    This course is made for bank practitioners from front office, back office and central units who are confronted with credit risk. By attending this practical and informative course, you will be able to understand credit risk in all its facets,  quantitative and qualitative ones. When assessing the credit risk of an SME you are overwhelmed with information. The  course helps you to structure the information and focus on the crucial risk drivers, so you can develop an integrated  strategy for the identification, analysis and mitigation of credit risks, both on client as well as portfolio level. In addition, the course develops an understanding for the organizational aspects of a bank's credit business with regard to structures and processes. This enables financial institutions not only to manage credit risk, but to do it in an efficient cost saving manner. The course participants will discuss the latest international developments in credit risk management and supervision. Through interesting case studies and exercises, delegates develop a new approach to complex analytical tasks. During group work the participants will have the chance to build a network with other practitioners which will help to exchange ideas and solutions on credit risk management in future.

    Course Requirements and Certificates

    Delegates must meet the following criteria to be eligible to become CCRP™: 

    • Attendance - delegates must attend all sessions of the course. Delegates who miss more than two hours of the course sessions will not be eligible to sit the course exam 
    • Successful completion of the course assessment. After successfully passing the exam the Certificates will be prepared by the IABFM and will be directly posted to your company address.
    Who Should Attend?

    The training is ideally suited to anybody in a corporate banking environment, including relationship managers and support staff who deal directly with customers in their roles. Additionally, staff in credit sanctioning or credit administration roles will benefit from attending. Ideally, attendees will not be new-to-role, as the training is not aimed at foundation level. However, if they have experience of working with financial statements, then exceptions can be made.

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    LEORON Professional Development Institute is the leading corporate training company in the emerging markets of Europe, Africa and Asia. LEORON has grown into one of the most comprehensive training institutes in the EMEA region, offering training solutions in all strategic corporate functions including corporate finance, HR, SCM, operations, sales and marketing, and engineering. With offices in Sweden, Dubai, Riyadh, Skopje, Accra and Almaty, we run over 500 courses and train over 3000 professionals annually across the EMEA region.

    As a leading Competency Based Training institute, our commitment is to help increase Competitiveness of our clients by strengthening the skills, competencies and abilities of their employees, assist with the Capacity Building programs and assure continuous Competency upgrade by providing them with knowledge, practical tools and learning systems that are unmatched in the market.

    LEORON Professional Development Institute mission is to help corporate clients and government entities worldwide in strengthening the overall competency of their employees by providing them with top quality professional training programs, conducted by unrivaled global experts and implemented by the best training managers in the industry.

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