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    This course helps prepare you for the associate-level CCNA Wireless certification, a prerequisite to CCNP Wireless certification. 

    You will learn how to design, install, configure, monitor, and conduct basic troubleshooting tasks of a Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) in SMB and enterprise installations.

    Note: Please bring a laptop computer with an Ethernet port as well as an internal wireless NIC, 802.11a/b/g/n. Access to the remote labs requires a browser that supports Java and permissions to open RDP or encrypted RDP (RDP443) sessions. If your browser does not support Java, you will need administrator rights to the laptop to install software.

    Content / Syllabus

    1. Wireless Fundamentals

    • RF Principles

    • RF Mathematics

    • Antenna Characteristics

    • Basics of Spread Spectrum

    • Wireless Media Access

    • Wireless Governance

    2. Security and Client Access

    • Wireless Security Components

    • 802.11 Security

    • 802.1X/EAP Framework

    • EAP Authentication

    • WPA and WPA2 Security

    • Provide Guest Access

    • Native Operating Systems for WLAN Connectivity

    • Configure Smart Handheld Clients

    3. Define the Cisco Wireless Network Architecture

    • Cisco Wireless Network Deployment Options

    • One Management

    • Cisco One Network

    • Mobility Architecture Concepts

    • Optimize RF Conditions and Performance for Clients

    • Layer 2 Infrastructure Support

    • Protocols Used in Wired Infrastructure to Support Wireless

    4. Implement Centralized Wireless Access

    • Initialize a Centralized WLC

    • AP Initialization

    • Explore Additional WLC Features

    • Implement IPv6 in a Cisco Wireless Environment

    • Configure Client Access

    • Implement Roaming in the Centralized Architecture

    5. Implement Converged Wireless Access

    • Initialize a Converged WCM

    • AP Connectivity

    • Explore Additional Wireless Features

    • Configure Client Access

    • Implement Roaming in the Converged Architecture

    6. Implement Small and Remote Wireless Access

    • FlexConnect Architecture

    • Autonomous Architecture

    • Cloud Architecture

    7. WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    • Wireless Maintenance

    • Troubleshooting Tools

    • Troubleshooting Methodology

    8. WLAN Design

    • Predictive WLAN Design Process

    • WLAN Site Survey Process

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    • ICND1 or CCENT certification, plus ICND2• Foundational knowledge of 802.11 wireless network technologies

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