Architecture & Interior Design Suite
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3,266 USD
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  • مدة الدورة التدريبية: 100 ساعة
  • مواعيد الدورة: استفسار

    تفاصيل الدورة

    With the growth of technology in the 3d field, rendering services now have come to lead amid several other services related to architecture. The demand is rising day-by-day as architects are able to design incredibly amazing designs. Architectural & Interior  Design growth from the last couple of years is significant when compared before and it will grow even; Al Manal Training Center LLC is offering the best Architecture & Interior Design Suite  Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for individuals & groups who are interested to take this course Physically or through online virtual mode. Our experts are highly qualified in this course and can provide quality training to assist you in achieving your goals.

    The Architecture Design Suite includes the following software:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Premier
    • Adobe After Effects
    • AutoCAD or Revit
    • 3Ds Max with VRay

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